Adult-Gi (16 + or Instructor Permission)

This program is an integrated BJJ program designed for groups and able to be used by any and all people throughout their lives. Our group class is a creative step in the development of Jiu-Jitsu skills. Many systems emphasize only the physical skills of fighting. MVBJJ will address the full range of possible conflict situations and produce students armed with the mental and character traits required to succeed not only in physical conflict but in every area of their lives. There is a strong emphasis on tradition, respect, the basics and developing a vision of pure Jiu-Jitsu.

Under the quality leadership of Professor Villardo, a world class Black Belt instructor, born, raised and trained in Brazil, you will be shown easy to learn, fundamental positions, and self-defense techniques that will help you to build a strong foundation so you can control and/or submit opponents during class. As you progress in the program, more difficult challenges will be presented to you and more advanced techniques added to your foundation. Using the principles of sustainment and integration, this step by step training campaign, pioneered by Professor Villardo, will provide you with the skills necessary to be ready for immediate action in any type of conflict. Call us or email here to schedule your introductory class

Adult No-Gi (16+ or Instructor Permission)

Only students who are training with the Gi are also eligible to participate in our No-Gi program. Our No-Gi classes offer a different kind of challenge and can help you prepare for submission wrestling, MMA style matches or kind of grappling tournaments. This training will show you how to apply your traditional Jiu-Jitsu techniques to these other styles of fighting so that you can remain in control and win!!!

These classes require a school T-shirt or long sleeve rash guard and school board shorts.